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Wellness and Relax in Val Gardena

Which is the best place and time to relax during the winter if not the Dolomites covered with snow? The enchanting mountain landscape creates the perfect atmosphere for a wellness-based holiday to warm up your Winter waiting for Spring.

Rediscover the wellbeing in Val Gardena

Stay some days in the mountains has benefical effects: the climate stimolates functioning of the respiratory system, walks at high altitude encourage a greater calorie consumption, and the spa treatments benefits to the total relaxation of body and mind.

The Val Gardena is at the finest of its beauty with its snowy landscapes and it is a magical place for winter and mountain’s lovers. Definitely, it is one of the most loved destinations to live the winter season: thanks to its many ski facilities, the stunning valley at the foot of the Sassolungo conquers every year the hearts of the sport lovers.

Not everybody, however, goes to Val Gardena to ski, because it’s able to satisfy everyone’s need.  Besides the already cited sport lovers, it is known as the perfect setting for those that are looking for an atmosphere of traditions where to savour the local cuisine and get lost in another reality, and for those who want to treat themselves to the well-deserved relax being in the wellness centers of the area.

3 good reasons to treat yourself a spa weekend:

  • Get rid of stress: one of the most known benefits is surely the relaxation and muscle distension. Thanks to the warmth of the rooms in which you can lie on comfortable sun beds, enjoying the silence and a pleasant reading, you’ll forget about problems and the lost psycho-physical wellbeing. Don’t miss out the occasion to relax with chromotherapy treatment.
  • Preserve your health: the treatments with scented oils and vapours are excellent for taking care of the respiratory tract and protect from any colds. Relaxing massages, on the other hand, allow you to stretch your muscles and reduce the sense of heaviness and any pains. In general, relaxing the body and the mind offers a feeling of relief.
  • Fight inestetisms: if eliminating cellulite in a weekend is an hard challenge, saunas, massages, treatments for visage and body allow to get better the appearance of your body and skin, purify you from toxins and fight the water retention.


The wellness center is a good idea to bring the family together or spend high-quality time with the partner, far from the stressing routine. Heated pools and jacuzzi are perfect for any occasion.

There’s nothing better than waking up and have some time to pamper yourself: suggestive relaxing breaks, surrounded by fragrant vapors and snowy landscapes will eliminate the stress.
If you feel the needing to rest: massages, body treatments, sauna and steam bath, a hot cup of tea in the pool, admiring the snowy landscape from the windows of the spa are waiting for you.

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